Visual Studio Code in browser?

Visual Studio Code has been the top choice for writing code in the recent years. The main reason why it become so popular is that it has everything which any programmer expects from any code editor with some additional and useful features. It’s lightweight, fast, open source and cross-platform nature along with other cool features gives it an extra edge over any other editor.


Checkout the Stack Overflow's 2019 results of the best code editor- It goes to Visual Studio Code with more than 50% developers response which is quite amazing feat.


Do checkout the survey in detail which gives more insight into variable developer trends and technologies in 2019.

Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019
Nearly 90,000 took this comprehensive, annual survey of people who code. Demographics. Most loved, dreaded and wanted technologies. Salary and careers.

Visual studio code ported in Browser!

How about if we could port VS Code with the browser running a development environment?

It is a game changer  because browser-based editor adds the ability to connect and code from literally anywhere, and if its fully powered with Visual Studio Code under the hood, users could stop worrying about the learning curve of a new code editor.

Some of the popular tools available in market currently are -

Gitpod - Online IDE for GitHub
One-click ready-to-code development environments for GitHub.
CodeSandbox: Online IDE for Rapid Web Development
CodeSandbox is an online code editor and prototyping tool that makes creating and sharing web apps faster
Visual Studio Online
Visual Studio Online - Cloud IDE - Code Editor Online
Develop from anywhere with a cloud-powered development environment. Take advantage of real-time collaboration on any device for any project.
StackBlitz  - Code the Future.
In Your Browser.

Future of Software Development!

The rise in popularity of visual studio code among the developers and the explosion of cloud development environments have give us the power of using these technologies in conjugation to give a modern & robust development experience.

The future of coding looks very promising in terms of online collaborative development experience which would empower tutors, companies and developers to have a flawless one click setup and development experience.